Monday, June 18, 2012

West Seattle Family Portraits

Talk about a fun June day spent at Lincoln Park in West Seattle with the lovely Heather, Neil & Audrey! We had a great time taking in the nature landscape and beautiful views of the puget sound, while I captured a truly wonderful family. Little 18 month old Audrey stole the show with her adorable personality. This little lady showed us she's an independent little lady and even took some time standing on her very own soap box (pic below) :) Thanks Heather, Neil & Audrey for letting me capture your family portraits. It was truly a pleasure!! Enjoy~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blakely is 6 months old!

The wonderful, giggly, adorable, toe touching, blue eyed princess beauty Blakely is 6 months old!!
I loved taking Blakely's pictures because the last time I captured her she was in her mama's belly. She personifies the meaning Gerber Baby and has the most adorable disposition to go along with her good looks:) I can't wait to watch B grow since she's done such a great job at it already! Happy 6 month's Blakely~ Enjoy!

Mitchell Family Portraits

I spent a beautiful June weekend with the Mitchell's photographing their wonderful family in a beautiful northwest setting. We had a lot of fun spending time together, catching up, and oh of course taking photos too! THE highlight of the day, was that we ventured over to a nearby bench that overlooked the pond where there were a family of baby ducklings floating about and there was a bench that was inscribed with a brass plate with a dedication to none other than the "Mitchell's". Talk about a sign:) literally!! It touched my heart as I felt like that exact day and place was all meant for them as a family~ Enjoy Mitchell's! I hope you love your portraits and many of the memorable moments I captured, as you are a family that I just adore!!