Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rachel & Cristian's Engagement Sneak Peeks

Rachel and Cristian are your die hard Sounders fan! As season ticket holders, they share in their love of attending the Sounders game regularly as well as making time for their ritual stop-in at The Central in historic Pioneer Square, for a drink or two before the game. So what better way of capturing the celebration of their love at a location that speaks the best of them as a couple? None other than at Qwest Field and The Central (might I just add that Rachel's grandpa actually once owned the Central)!! Rachel & Cristian did a very impressive job locking down Qwest Field on a weekend so that we had the whole place to ourselves! As I like to say we did it up BIG TIME  for their engagement shoot and had a super fun time in the process:) I will be photographing their upcoming summer wedding on Lake Union and am so excited to be able to share in their celebration as they set off to become husband and wife. Congrats R&C and enjoy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dylan's 1 yr Old Sneak Peeks!

Talk about a super fabulous day it was to be outdoors exploring the Puget Sound and what better way to spend the day than to take pictures at the beach! If you would had asked 1 year old Dylan I believe he would had also agreed:) This little buddy was able to explore the sandy beaches of Edmonds and then some! He is the fastest 1 year old I've ever met and sure gave us a good cardio workout keeping up with him for a couple hours. He is one adorable little guy, full of energy and has a definite love already for his dog Sunny as well as the water just like his parents who are avid boaters! He has a contagious smile, and I think it might be due to the fact he just recently turned the BIG one:) Happy 1st Birthday Dylan, you'll be a boat captain in no time!!